Briefing on Explainer Videos: All you Need to Know

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2023-01-26 08:23:18
Briefing on Explainer Videos: All you Need to Know

Briefing on Explainer Videos

A creative brief can aid you in achieving the greatest results for your business explainer videos, and this article will show you how to create one explainer video for businesses. A creative brief is a blueprint for your animated explainer videos; it's a road map. It aids you and your creative team in determining where to begin and which path to take.

We'll show you how a creative strategy works in this post, and you'll have the knowledge you need to make the best explainer videos.

You'll find out everything we know! The main difference is that you will learn it in only one article, whereas we spent over ten years of trial and error, making numerous mistakes that you will not have to make.

The following points should be included in an explainer video creative brief: 

  • The client's product/service/brand information 

  • Business overview 

  • Marketing goals and objectives 

  • Video target audience (which is often different from the company's overall target audience) 

  • The problem 

  • The solution

  • The major benefits of the product 

  • The primary message 

  • The competitors 

  • The production style 

  • The role of the explainer video in the client's campaign and sales funnel 

  • The main CTA 

  • The media and communication channels where the film will be shown

Why Does Explainer Videos Need a Creative Brief?

Reflect on consideration of it this manner. Might a contractor construct a house without a blueprint? No matter! And the more info that can be ironed out beforehand of time, the stronger hazard you’ll have for a successful final end result (and the less complicated it'll be alongside the way).

With an explainer video, it’s satisfactory to make sure that you have sufficient statistics amassed earlier than you begin. Here are numerous motives why that’s essential:

  • The primary message could be clean for you.

  • Your innovative group may have the data and a record map to brainstorm with.

  • This record can constantly be stated if the customer asks to alternate the idea (for instance, the consumer requested to explain a carrier and now desires to explain the employer).

  • The manufacturing first-class stage may be agreed upon via all events.

  • primary creative procedures are set and documented (message, target market, fashion).

The Foundations of Explainer Videos Creative Brief

A creative brief is one of my favorite things since it simplifies everything and makes the entire endeavor simpler. You must break down seven essential aspects in order to create a successful brief.

Because that's what you're selling at the end of the day, every creative brief should be focused on a product or service. As a result, you must know the product better than the creator. This necessitates the use of questions.

  • What product or service should you describe?

  • What issues does the product address?

  • Is this a brand-new product or an improved version of one that currently exists?

  • Is there anything special about the product?

  • What are the most important advantages and advantages?

  • Why are their consumers so enthusiastic about their product?

  • Is there a USP (unique selling proposition) for this product?

  • What are the drawbacks? Where does the product fall short in comparison to the competition?

  • What is the method of distribution? Online, through a salesman, a re-seller, and so on.

  • What is the product's standing in its industry?

  • How is the product promoted? 

  • Which media outlets are you going to use?

Encourage more discussion when those questions have been answered. Look for new benefits. Here are some more detailed inquiries:

  • What natural laws does the product follow?

  • Is there a unique or intriguing backstory behind the product?

  • How did it come to be? Is it a green color? Are there any unique materials or components?

  • When clients utilize the product, what feelings do they experience?

Consider the product from the client's point of view. Look for fresh and intriguing benefits to include in your pitch.

2. The Corporation

You need to go deeper than what's on the surface to make a good explainer video. You should also be aware of the firm that created the goods. Even if the more specific information does not make it into the video, try to grasp it and include it in your short.

Here are some things to think about:

  • If the organization is attempting to establish a distinct brand.

  • Check to see whether the firm has a back history.

  • What is the brand image, or what sort of image they want to have?

  • What their marketing's visual and communication styles are.

  • The brand's tone of speech (luxury companies, for example, do not urge you to buy). Instead, they seem aloof, making you exert effort to obtain them as if they were a prize).

To do this, you may utilize Pulse Survey, which is an excellent tool for discovering what your consumers want and need. It aids in the management of all pertinent information regarding a company's operations.

3. Marketing

This is something that several explainer video firms overlook, and it's a mistake. They reason that since this isn't an advertisement, they just exclude it. All I have to do now is explain the situation." However, every marketing video is attempting to sell something. And, in order to sell a product, you must first comprehend the market reality and the product's place within it. Check out the following points to have a better understanding:

4. Opponents

  • Who are your primary rivals?

  • What are the key benefits and drawbacks?

  • What are your strong points that you may use to your advantage?

  • What are the primary issues that potential customers have with your competition, and how does your product address them?

  • The policy and price.

  • The tone in which others speak.

  • What are the key channels that your rivals utilize, and do they have strong positions in those channels?

5. Insights into Usage

  • How clients react to the product; is it something they require or something they enjoy?

  • Is the thing a luxury item or a practical item?

  • What is the market's perception of the product's role?

  • Are customers aware of this category, or do we need to let them know? (Imagine launching the first company chat as a replacement for a slew of emails.) It is necessary to provide an explanation). there?

6. The Clients

Customers are the most crucial aspect of our business. We cure their issues or make them happy, then take their money so they can continue doing business with us. So, in order to comprehend the target audience, you must be aware of the following:

  • Do you know who they are? (age, gender, nationality, income, and so forth.)

  • What do they enjoy?

  • What difficulties do they have that your solution can solve? (interests, hobbies, lifestyles, habits)

  • What value does the product have for them?

  • What your consumer stands to benefit. What advantages do they value the most? (saving money or time, having fun).

  • What values do they have in common? (simplicity, concern about nature, etc.)

  • Their apprehensions or a poor experience with a similar product.

  • You can talk to them about their long-term objectives (ego, self satisfaction, status, safety, fulfillment, health, image, happiness).

People, for example, typically devote a significant amount of effort on locating a handyman. They put it off, even when it's a little problem, since they know how difficult it is to obtain excellent help. The answer is suggested in this app video, which solves the key pain issue. It addresses issues such as how long it will take, what will happen if the handyman does a poor job, will I be able to review them, and so on. (Varpet application)

7. The Marketing Strategy

The fourth pillar is the client's intended usage of the video. Your task now is to decipher all of the information you've acquired and make appropriate plans. The idea is to save your customers money while also creating best explainer videos that will assist them in achieving their marketing objectives. In this scenario, you must comprehend:

  • What is the primary purpose of the explainer videos — to spark a discussion, attract visitors to your website, increase sales, or just to educate?

  • Call to action — After seeing your film, what should the audience do? Contact, schedule a demo, create an account on the website, and purchase the product?

  • What tone would you use to describe what you're doing?

  • What are the distribution methods for your product — website, social media, mobile app stores, and trade shows. etc

  • What part of the marketing funnel does the explainer videos play?

Each of these elements is significant and has the potential to influence the ultimate outcome. If you're planning to post the movie to the App Store, for example, you should also arrange a shorter version of the video. Furthermore, the video must meet the App Store's video criteria in general. And all of the points should be double-checked and matched at the same time.

What Data Is Beneficial to the Creative Team and Vice Versa?

You should filter certain information before handing over the animated video creative brief to your team. This is because certain information can be beneficial, while others might be distracting. Distracting material can divert attention away from the main purpose and stifle the production of new ideas. Some instances of such concepts are as follows:

  • The maximum budget (important, although most people aren't concerned about it).

  • If the client's wishes are in conflict, the client's wants will be honored.

  • Boundaries of style.

  • Concepts that have not been accepted in the past.

  • Previous concepts that have been altered.

Of course, once you've developed a large number of ideas, you may test whether or not they function within the constraints outlined above. However, the goal is to make the creative process as efficient as possible by eliminating "roadblocks."


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